Our farm

Situated approximately 2 miles from the sea and nestling in the fold of a valley on the edge of ancient woodland, the Grade II listed Holyford Farm is set in a truly beautiful location.

The site is first mentioned in the Saxon Land Charter dated 1005 with the name Horegan, describing the nearby ford over the stream (forming a land boundary at that time).


The current east wing of the farmhouse (Crispin Cottage) comprises the original building, a medieval hall built around the turn of the 15th/16th centuries. Holyford Woods has an abundance of wildlife and offers some wonderful country walks literally on the doorstep.

Our sheep

Whilst staying with us you can meet and greet our flock of friendly Greyface Dartmoor sheep.


Attractive, docile and easily handled, the Dartmoor also known as the 'Improved' Dartmoor are descended from the local breeds which grazed the low ground in and around Dartmoor.


They have immense strength of constitution, developed through withstanding the severe winters and exposed conditions which exist around the Moor.